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Action is the Magic that Turns Dreams into Reality

It's a simple truth. If you've decided Shaklee is the vehicle to launch you into your dream lifestyle, then you'll want to imagine a big exciting life, create a sense of urgency and get going! Bear in mind, it all begins with one small step taken each day!

Small steps lead to big results.

Keep it simple! Only THREE things to remember once you discover the value of our health and wellness products.
(1) Swap brands and enjoy them yourself 
(2) Share the information with family and friends
(3) Build a business by helping others do the same.

Step #5: How to Start

Ready to create a healthier life for you and your family? Join as a Member

If this describes you, we recommend you start by using our products. Go to "shop" and browse through the products that appeal to you.  Maybe you want more energy, or to lose weight with our nutritional products, or perhaps a toxic-free home is where you wnat to start. Could be you're excited about anti-aging skincare.  Whatever it is, you'll find these products under the "shop" tab.

Then go to the "Join Shaklee" tab. You'll want to to join as a member {$19.95 one time registration or it's even FREE with Vitalizer or many other groupings} Select your starter regimen of choice, fill out the membership registration, then follow directions and finalize your membership and order. Simple transaction ~ one and done! Next thing you'll know, your healthy product order's delivered to your door. Cool!

Details on all Memberships here


Ready to earn rewards? Join as a Distributor

As a Distributor, you can earn extra income by introducing friends and family to Shaklee products. You can simply earn back the cost of your products, kind of like getting your products paid for, or you can earn several hundred dollars a month, or $1000 a month or you have the potential to build a team and earn a significant income. It's as flexible as you need it to be, to create the future you decide you want.

You’ll receive a 15%–25% discount on products you purchase, with the potential to earn up to 16% in price differential, up to 20% on group purchases and up to 14% in bonuses paid on purchases within your larger organization. You can also earn car payments, trips, as well as exciting additional bonuses through our FastTRACK program.*

Details on all Distributor options here

Are you ready and willing to work hard to secure financial freedom? If so, we're ready to teach you the MANY ways to earn income in our business. Imagine that - multiple streams of income in one unique package.  NO other opportunity offers so much - it's unique and exclusive - it's Social Marketing! 

Join as a Gold Ambassador by selecting the Starter PAK of your choice. Hint! The Gold Plus PAKs are our most popular starter groupings {second row down}.  You're immediately eligible to conduct business in the U.S. and Canada as well as in all our foreign markets.

 Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.
~ James Dean

We understand that a decision as important as your health and your future, requires having confidence that what you decide is the right fit for you and your family. It isn't always a "snap" decision. Sometimes it's a process.  We get that.

So, we invite you to contact us with questions, concerns and inquiries - with absolutely NO obligation or pressure.  Just ask away.  We will provide honest answers about our business and our industry. No hype. No misleading answers or exaggerated claims. 34 years of experience in helping many others get healthy and build a future, provides us with wisdom, confidence and belief in who we are and the value of what we have to offer.

Our desire is to convey that message to you, so you are sufficiently informed to make a confident decision. We'd love to meet you if you're local. if you're out of town, we'd enjoy visiting on the phone. Hope you'll reach out and give us a chance to touch you in a positive way.

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