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This is How the Business Model Works

Simplicity in action! Life today is more complicated than ever, yet what more and more of us yearn for is a simple, fulfilled life. An uncluttered life, work that delivers personal and financial rewards. Family time to live in the present and create lasting memories.  Activities that align with our purpose - that not only bring us joy, but makes a positive impact in the lives of our family, friends and community. That's why we love the Shaklee way of doing business.

Step #4: The Simplicity of Social Marketing


What are your top three wants?



A business with our company means:



Living the life of your choosing isn't complicated! It can be as simple as using Shaklee products yourself, falling in love with them {they're aah-mazing!} then sharing the information with others. Basically changing brands and passing it forward. It's a beautiful thing!

 Everyone is Welcome!


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